Working K9 Testimonials-WELCOME TO WORKING


My name is Todd Skarban and I am a Deputy Sheriff and Canine Handler in Wisconsin. I also serve as the President of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handler Association. I currently am working my third GSD police service dog named Turbo trained by Tony here at The training from the start was clear as we utilized Tony’s TROT system (trust, respect, obligation, and teamwork). The directions were clear, results outstanding and I couldn’t be happier with my partner. That being said there is so much more to Tony Pallotta than being one of the best trainers I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know. The man is selfless, only seeking the positive outcome for his students and lifts them up to reach their potential. Tony is a true leader and brings a multi-disciplined approach to training. From obedience to the tactical deployment and decision making, Tony always hits his mark. I’m so fond of his trot system I have implemented it into my coaching of youth sports and my organization approach to my career and life. I consider Tony a great friend, great canine trainer and most importantly a fantastic person. I strongly encourage you to seek the clarity that comes with a canine partner from and I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Tony Pallotta for all your canine needs.
Todd Skarban
WLECHA President
Tony worked with me and my police service dog at our statewide Canine Handlers conference this past week. As a new handler with a young, high drive dog, we were having some issues related to basic obedience and outing/recalling. By the end of the day I spent working with Tony, he had the dog doing things I'd never seen him do before and I left with my confidence as high as it's ever been. Pure and simple, Tony knows his stuff!
Mac Koster
FVARC had a K9 Op Medical team at WLECHA this year to help the humans and K9's learn some in the field first aid. After 2 1/2 days of hands on instruction, we were invited to watch Tony work with the K9 teams. The majority of our team has over 20 years emergency veterinary experience and we were all impressed with way Tony worked with the K9's and their humans. He is intuitive, patient, and understanding of what each team member needs to do get the desired result. It was very impressive and inspirational. Tony's goal is to make them the best team they can be and his passion is evident with outstanding results! Very grateful for the opportunity to take part in this conference and to see such dedication.
Lyn M S
As a first time K-9 Handler in southwest Wisconsin and starting up a K-9 unit for the first time, I was recommended to look into Working K9 and Tony Pallotta from a Sheriff's Deputy K-9 handler in Wisconsin who didn't even obtain his K9 from Tony. After the handler came back from a Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handlers Association (WLECHA) seminar, he was mind blown about how much knowledge he had learned just from listening to Tony for a few minutes each day. I called Tony and asked him about what his program and philosophy was all about. As the deputy who recommended Tony to me, I was just as amazed how much knowledge and passion Tony had for training dogs. I decided to get my K-9 through Tony and Team Working K9, which was the best choice I could've made.
While training with my new K-9 and Tony, it was amazing to learn step-by-step how the dogs were raised and to understand the training philosophy with so much detail. Working K9 doesn't just give you a dog and tell you what to do and send you on your way. I actually learned WHY the dog is behaving the way it is behaving and if a problem occurs, I was taught how to understand how to correct the problem on my own.
With that being said, anytime I have a question Tony and the rest of the team are simply amazing at helping out with any problems one might have. I also learned quickly that Working K9 is not like most K9 trainers. The people involved are not in it for the money, but simply have a huge passion and love for training with dogs. I can proudly say that I am part of a team and family of Working K9, not just a typical dog vendor. If you want to be part of a team and family, I strongly suggest Working K9!

Officer Casey Cox
I attended a K9 Decoy class this past weekend with Tony, and it completely exceeded my expectations. Tony's teaching style is second to none. He keeps the class fun, easygoing, and extremely informative. Tony not only shows you how to be a great decoy, but also breaks down why we are doing the things we are doing, so that we as decoys can truly comprehend the concepts of working with high drive dogs. Tony's love for K9's truly shines during his instruction, and his passion for decoying is addictive. No matter your skill set as a decoy you will definitely benefit from one of Tony's classes. Thank you Tony for the opportunity, and I look forward to training with you many more times in the future.
Ryan Patrick
Tony taught a police dog decoy seminar this last weekend at Wauwatosa Police Department. Tony is the real deal. His depth of knowledge about dogs and training is impressive. I've been a dog handler for seven years and it is rare to find a trainer with his level of experience, passion, ability to teach others, and problem solving skills with dogs. If you have an opportunity to train with Tony, don't pass it up. Thanks for the great class. All the handlers and decoys who attended are eager to use what they learned and we all look forward to training with Tony in the future.

Tim Kastner
Our department purchased our new K9 from Tony. I recently spent a week at his facility training with him and my new K9 partner Riggs. The time and heart that he puts into his police canines sets him above the other vendors we researched or heard about. I expected to get an amazing dog, and that's exactly what we got. I think his one week course was phenomenal. The handler/trainer one on one training for a week straight felt priceless to me. His knowledge and training philosophy is exceptional. He explained not just how to do something,but why. Then showed me how to teach it from the beginning. He made sure I understood what I was doing and why.Tony is humble, honest, and sincere in everything he does. It doesn't matter when I call, he continues to be there for me when I need advise or have a question. I would recommend anyone looking for a new K9 to go to Tony at WorkingK9! Thank you Tony!
Two colleagues and I took the K9 Decoy class this past week and had a blast! This class is very informative for those interested in this type of training. It is explained with exceptional detail why dogs act the way they do and how to respond to certain behavior to elicit a positive result. Tony does an excellent job at this and it is apparent that he loves what he is teaching. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who not only loves K9 work, but also wouldn't mind getting up close and personal with a dog in Prey Drive! Thanks Tony!!
Jason H
Tony is amazing at what he does and dedicated to his work. He's very knowledgable and cares about his clients. Love you Tony!
Marisa Armenis
I couldn't be any happier with the training Tony does not only with my own dog, but also all the other dogs. He understands dogs better then dogs understand dogs!
Whether it's the basics to the most advanced, he is an honest guy who won't sell you hopes and dreams. He will however supply you with the skills to communicate successfully with your k9, no matter what your end goals are. Tony's vast experience and knowledge paired with his open minded attitude (always learning) makes for the perfect learning environment. But beware, after training with Tony, you may have a hard time training with someone else, the value and results he can/has achieved makes his training worth a lot. Bring your dog by and I can guarantee you and your dog will both leave happier and more confident each and every time.
Scotty Beela
As a first time dog owner, I really didn't know what to expect when I brought king ( Dutch shepherd) home. King was extremely energetic, and out of control. With Tony's training, we were able to see a change in King's behaviour as early as the first session. King began to listen and respect me as his owner. Tony's techniques have proven to show positive results and I highly recommend him. Thank you Tony and the team for your continued support, my family including King appreciates all that you've done.
Let me just say if there is anyone looking at this page and asking themselves if WorkingK9 is for them, you owe it to yourself and your dog to train with Tony Pallotta. Whether it be the very beginning stages of training or competition sports, the results will be exceptional.
Commitment to follow his vision is key. He is a man of compassion and knows how to help you understand your dog. The atmosphere of being there is like family and there isn't a member that wouldn't give the shirt off their back to help you. Trust Respect Obligation Teamwork!
Ties Hakkers
I've worked with Pallotta at our annual law enforcement training for three years now. Pallotta has always been open minded and nonbias which is hard to find in a trainer. He takes each problem individually and attacks it with a heavy heart. His level of knowledge coupled with his passion, mixed with his ability to relay it to the handler creates a perfect environment for success. I cant express my gratitude to Pallotta for what he has done for me and my K9. I would recommend him for not only a new K9 but for absolutely ANY problem solving.
Nathan Thornborrow
Exceeds expectations! Tony has done wonders for me and my dogs. If you are looking for a trainer that truly understands dogs and dog behavior- look no further. Cannot say enough great things about the changes in my dogs since we started working with Tony.
Kellie Barton-Palmeiro
The change in my dog since I have been working with this club is incredible. I have only been going to classes for 3 months. Once a week. And the things I and my dog have learned are incredible. The way Tony explains things are very easy to understand, He takes the time to help the dog owner understand the dogs way of thinking. So we can build a better working relationship between Dog and Owner. I am really pleased with the results so far. And highly recommend this club to anyone who needs help with their pet. First class all the way.
Terry Croteau

Hi Tony,
Sending along a quick email to thank you again for the assistance you have provided with Tundra, our Belgian Malinois. He is a high energy 18 month old with a very opportunistic personality (i.e. give him an inch, he takes 3 feet!) He continues to be a work-in-progress, but likely in large part due to ‘owner-error’ more than anything else. Our biggest challenge is to ensure consistency in training, and through your excellent teaching, I believe we are making steady progress. We get a tremendous amount out of each and every class: your instruction and examples are easy to understand, the exercises we do with the dogs are phenomenal (who would have thought we could get our dogs walking across a set of chairs with all the other dogs in a down position underneath), and the support from other owners in the class is palpable. I think we all recognize we own high energy/reactive dogs and we can all learn from one another.
Thanks again – we look forward to working with you in your new facility!
Janice Tayles
I am writing this letter in regards to my strong recommendation of Mr. Tony Pallotta and his company Working K9. I first met Tony when I attended a training seminar which he conducted in Wisconsin in the spring of 2014. This seminar was for the purpose of training of Law Enforcement K9 handlers as well as K9 Decoys. I also had the opportunity to train with Tony at the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handlers Association (WLECHA) training conference in the fall of 2014. Immediately upon training and interacting with Tony, I was amazed by his knowledge, work ethic, and professionalism. Tony is motivated, knowledgeable, and friendly. His knowledge and extreme competence in training K9's is immediately apparent to all. The first time that I had the privilege of training with Tony, I could immediately tell that he was extremely dedicated and passionate about his work. This dedication and passion is very evident in the K9's which he personally raises and trains, as well as other K9's that he performs maintenance training with. Tony unquestionably takes pride in his work and treats each dog as a reflection of himself and his business.
On the occasions that I have worked with Tony, I have come to quickly respect and admire him. I say this because I have personally observed his unrelenting work ethic, the pride he takes in his work, and his extreme dedication to helping every handler and K9 solve any problems they may be having. Tony refuses to let a difficult dog or situation get the best of him. He will work with every handler and their dog until their problem has a solution. Tony also presents his teaching and training style in a very no-nonsense easily understood way. The basis of his training program is the concept of TROT which stands for: Trust, Respect, Obligation and Teamwork. This simple concept teaches handlers to understand that they can get their K9's to do almost anything they ask of them, as long as the handler and his K9 have TROT. Through a series of simple obedience exercises, handlers quickly begin to see that with a solid foundation of TROT, their dogs can and will perform things that most may have previously ruled out as possible. From those basic skills, more and more complex tasks can be introduced to each team over time.
Also of key importance is that Tony presents his philosophy with an extremely supportive and friendly attitude. I have personally witnessed handlers becoming very stressed while trying to learn these new concepts and exercises; but despite their frustration, Tony continues to have a very calm, cool, collected and friendly attitude. Because of this, Tony has no problem maintaining involvement and cooperation from his students.
I also have experience with Tony in the aspect of decoy training. Tony is an extremely experienced and competent decoy. I have personally learned many things from him that have undoubtedly increased my skill level and effectiveness as a decoy. Tony takes time to completely explain each concept he presents then takes any mistakes and quickly turns them into a positive learning experience. He also explains the purpose and theory of decoy work, and impresses upon each student their very important role in the overall success of K9 training.
In closing, I would like to express my extreme recommendation of Tony Pallotta and WorkingK9. He is hardworking, professional, and committed to his craft. I hold Tony in the highest regard.
Deputy Sheriff
It was my pleasure to meet Tony at the 2014 Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handler’s Association training conference. Tony did some evaluative work with my dog and I observed him work with several dogs and handlers addressing problems and concerns. Tony also provided instruction in the area of decoy work.
As a veteran law enforcement officer, but a rookie canine handler, I have worked with different trainers and experienced handlers to learn all that I can. I learned quickly, that there are different approaches to dog training. Some often take the approach that their method is the only way. I was most impressed with Tony’s ability to quickly arrive at a solution to a problem and then present his solution with respect to the handler and respect to the training background of the handler. In presenting the solution, Tony explained, in a clear and concise manner, the reasoning behind the solution.
Tony explained his philosophy in training; T.R.O.T. Trust, Respect, Obligation, and Teamwork. He then demonstrated through his work with dogs and handlers how each of these elements played a fundamental role in the training of a dog and handler.
In one instance, we watched Tony apply his philosophy while working with a dog that was very aggressive towards other dogs. In about four minutes, we all stood amazed as Tony had that dog calmly lying down under another dog.
If I had to describe Tony in three words, they would be affable, energetic, and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to next year’s training conference.
Fred L,
Police K9 Handler
Tony is a trainer with compassion and heart. He puts his all into each and every dog/owner.
I highly recommend Tony and working k9. Tisha Compton
I have been attending working k9 seminars for the last few years and have had the pleasure of traveling to and working with Mr Pallotta several times. Each time has
been a wealth of information, practical tips and great hands-on. I would encourage anyone looking enhance their skills and strengthenthe bond with their dog to check
what is going over there.
Jacob Suelzle
I was super sceptical and very demanding and critical in a trainer for the bite work portion of my dog training.. I saw several people and decided to go to Tony. Not In the slightest bit am I disappointed. He is passionate about his job and never rushes me off although I can be overbearing.
Jay B
I'm currently working my second police K9 and had the privilege to work with Tony when he was in Wisconsin. Hands down one of the most knowledgeable and talented trainers I've had the privilege to work with.
Brad G
Police K9 Handler
Tony worked with me and my k9 while attending a conference in Wisconsin. Tony is an excellent trainer with excellent ideas on how to improve my K9.
I highly recommend his services and talking to him if you have questions about your working dog.
Matthew Michael
Police K9 Handler
Tony is a trainer /decoy that knows how to bring out the best in you and especially your dog, my wife and I have been with him for more than 4
years he is the best at what he does.
Ed Del Rizzo
Professional, dedicated, knowledgeable training with real results. Highly recommended.
Richard Zabehlicky
Tony takes a common sense approach to dog training. I have worked with him during three different conferences and exchanged numerous
emails and phone calls asking questions, advise, etc. He is always willing to help & seems to continue to go go go!