WorkingK9's  Founder & Head Trainer

Tony Pallotta 


Tony Pallotta started training dogs in 1993, with over 25 years of experience thus far, his knowledge and experience has made him a leader within his industry.   Like most it is not uncommon he started out in obedience training and found within him the passion and desire to learn, absorb and to become more competent and proficient within. It was with that mindset and goal  he began to study and train in the sport of Schutzhund. Once he became proficient in Schutzhund as a successful handler and decoy.  He realized early on  that he felt there were some key components missing that caused him to raise some questions about what was being achieved and what was being taught to believe in.  Subsequently he continued on with his desire to study and research and he began to prepare dogs for protection sports. This tested the handler's skills as well as the dog's skills to work in un-patterned programs.  This is known as a real street type application in personal protection for both K9 and Handler.  This experience allowed the furthering of comprehension and knowledge base by competing in protection venues such as, K9 Pro Sport's, Sundog Protection Pro Series and Iron dog.

 His desire to understand and specialize within the field took him to Italy.  While in Italy working with Renzo Zolli and his community of training partners reaching into Austria and abroad, there a re-affirmation of skill set and advancement occurred.  The realization that there was so much more to learn he continued on his travels to study disciplines and to further acquire a knowledge of skills and excellence, it was then that he landed in the Netherlands and began working with Erik Huft in the KNPV program. This was an unanticipated, eye opening experience for Tony and a catapult into a whole new style of training in the world of working dogs.  At that time little was known about the Royal Dutch Police Dog Association Program outside of the Netherlands.  Many of the world's Elite Military and police K9's have come from this program and it was with great honor for Tony to have been given the opportunity to work and study with such high caliber trainer's. 

Upon returning with an evolving knowledge base and understanding of the working dog and the family K9 member.  Tony developed a unique training system now employed solely by which he called the TROT system. 


This system allows for very fast results with a culmination of training systems, styles and techniques acquired from the world over.

  This system has gone on to develop some of the youngest, successful Police k9's who certify and serve within the Working K9 community.  Several of the Workingk9ís police k9ís have gone from first certification directly into SWAT teams with great success.  



Tony was a Volunteer with the Toronto Human Society 2002 provided 
a re-rehabilitation program for Pit Bulls slated to be euthanized  (before the ban) Was responsible for
handling and training and re-introducing any aggressive dog back into the
adoption program
WorkingK9's U.S Associate,  Team Member
Brian has been a deputy Sheriff for over 20 years,  16 years as a K9 handler.
As a handler he has taken specialized courses in tracking and narcotics detection.  He has been a sniper and sniper team leader, a leader for tactical teams and firearms instructor.  Brian is a use of force instructor and dive team member trained in evidence and recovery, body recovery, and underwater explosives detection.
Brian is a valuable part of the WorkingK9 Team and an asset to our U.S agencies.



WorkingK9 Associate, Team Member


 Tarra is the Head Director & Founder of MonStars Mastiff Rescue. Her organization specializes in mollosser and similarly characterized breeds that have been deemed aggressive or dangerous by various facets such as animal controls, shelters and veterinary professionals. She typically deals with, but is not limited to, dog to dog aggression, human possession and redirection, resource guarding and unstable temperament analysis.  

As she has evolved in the Canine community she has branched into the working dog community and ran a team of 5 certified canines in bed bug detection. Her
experience as a Certified Canine Handler and Operations Manager for Elite Detection Dogs, a specialized odor recognition company, gained her extensive experience and expanded
her knowledge base in the field of odor. Elite Detection Dogs also allowed her to become involved in K9PMG Operations and Animal Control where she acted as an officer in
the N3 Districts including New Tecumseth, Bradford West Gwillumbury and Innisfil. This also furthered her knowledge base in wildlife exposures and treatment. And allowed
her to attend various conferences within the Associations affiliated with Animal Control and welfare across Ontario.




As an active member of Educated Canine Canada, and one of their lead Assessors and Coordinators for over 5 years she is certified through Educated Canine in
Canine First Aid and Trauma Response to a Level 4 standing, and is an appointed Behavioural Consultant for the Ontario Court of Justice, as well as in good standing in the Investigations department volunteer team with Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.




In Tarras spare time she participates in Canada Barn Hunts, Lure Coursing, Dock Dogs and is currently pursuing IPO and PSA while actively training and
working at Working K9.



WorkingK9's U.S Associate, Team Member



        Craig has been full time law enforcement since 2007 and a K9 handler since 2009. He has handled 2 K9s, retiring his first K9 in 2017. Craig has been a member of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handler Association since 2010 
    and has been a board member since 2017. He and his K9 partner are nationally (US) certified in the areas of tracking, drug detection, article detection, obedience and apprehension. Craig is a member of his jurisdiction's Special Response Team with his K9 partner and has attended advanced training on K9 SWAT, drug investigations and decoy development.    

Craig is a welcomed asset to our US teams and we are lucky to have him. 


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