Obedience Training



Our training philosophy at Working K9, centers on obedience.  
Our practical training always starts with the handler.  The negative issues that can be and are communicated to a dog through improper and/or confusing leash handling techniques necessitate, that the handler must first be taught the skills to be able to use the leash properly.  Humane and consistent use of the leash, as a tool that conveys the right message to the dog will ensure immediate results.  A system of basic techniques and expectations are learned by the handler.               
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Once the leash handling techniques have been learned, the K9 is manipulated by using slow and consistent commands on leash until both dog and handler become fluent.  A series of obstacles are then introduced. The obstacles increase in difficulty with time and experience. These obstacles are designed to create confusion, anxiety, escalate stress levels, and create resistance and finally refusal. As dog and handler grow in their mutual trust, and most of all respect, those same obstacles become conquerable. The slow introduction and progression develops K9 trust to the point where the concept of refusal is eliminated


  Once the K9 no longer refuses, exercises can be developed where the need for K9 obligation is at all times without exception and exists regardless of distractions as these photos illustrate.



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